City Fire

So today’s blog shall begin with two words that inspired our visit to City Fire in the Gulch: Bottomless Mimosas. Yes, this is a real thing and I can confirm I NEVER saw the bottom of my glass the entire time we were there. 

Now that I have your attention, let’s get to the details. This place, formerly Music City Flats and Urban Flats, still has one of the most convenient locations in the Gulch neighborhood. Parking is so easy in the Icon parking garage and they validate parking up to two hours!

I was proactive and made a reservation but it was not crowded when I arrived at 12:30 p.m. The menu was small but it was like choosing your favorite child. So hard to pick just one but eventually we made our selections:

Emily:  Breakfast Flat

Ashley: Sweet Potato Hash Skillet

Lyndsey: Garden Omelet with a side of potato hash & bacon

Me: Brioche French Toast (surprised? Didn’t think so haha)

View the Brunch Menu for the mouthwatering descriptions.

Bottomless Mimosas are $10 and the servers kept our glasses full while the food was being prepared. I can’t tell you how many I had but I can tell you they were consistent, none of that “let’s make the second drink super strong so they don’t drink anymore” stuff.

Once the food was delivered to the table, we all observed a moment of silence. It wasn’t planned but when you see beauty that close, you need a moment haha

My french toast was sweet and fluffy. The warm vanilla syrup was delicious and looked like caramel. Looking back, it would have been nice to have something salty to balance the sugar coma but no complaints!

As for the other dishes, the girls commented:

Emily: “It’s like I have blinders on, it’s so good!”

Lyndsey: “I wanna drink this potato hash.”

Ashley: “I don’t know what mornay cheese is but it’s sooo good.”

Overall, we loved this place. Service, food and drink specials were top notch. Prices were not extreme if you consider that you can have multiple drinks.

We will definitely return and try another fantastic dish!


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