Fenwick’s 300

Fenwicks 300 Nashville TN

Today I’m reflecting back to February on a great brunch we had at a little place called Fenwick’s 300. Located in the Melrose neighborhood, this ‘Modern Diner’ has a great feel and is always hoppin’.

We arrived and saw an intimidating line of people waiting to be seated. The hostess told us it would be about 30-40 minutes. Determined, Ashley and I strolled over the the barista bar and picked up a SnapBack (fresh ginger, brown sugar, butter, salt latte) & hot chocolate. It wasn’t five minutes after we ordered our drinks that they called us to our table. Joys of being a ‘Party of Two’ haha

I ordered the Marscapone French Toast (pictured above). The menu read ‘powdered sugar, maple syrup, cinnamon orange jam’…sold. I ordered a side of bacon as well which helped combat the sugar coma. Ashley did the Fenwick’s Breakfast which was two eggs, home fries, bacon and a biscuit.

Now here’s where this place officially ‘wowed’ us. My brunch was delivered and our waitress came right over to our table and apologized for Ashley’s being late. It wasn’t 10 seconds later that Ashley’s plate arrived and our server said “We are so sorry. Your brunch is on us.” No joke! We were shocked.

In the end, this place was top notch. Food was hot and delicious. Service went above, beyond and light years past what we usually receive. I am planning a return visit since their menu has changed and I’m sure my experience will be just as enjoyable.


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