Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace

For today’s brunch, we traveled to Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace in Donelson, Tenn. Now, I have been to this local gem many times for their Tuesday 2-for-1 specials but today was my first brunch experience and it was heavenly.

We arrived at 10:05 a.m. and were the first customers. Our choice of seating and friendly, smiling faces were exactly what we needed this morning. Homegrown’s brunch menu has a mix of Southern favorites tied in with some bolder choices, like Biscuits & Chocolate Gravy. All of the food options tie in with their dedication to supporting local farms. As stated on their website:

Homegrown brings together locally produced products designed for people who appreciate craft beer, seek a greater connection between themselves and their food sources, prefer minimally industrialized and processed foods, and desire to support their local economy. The concept, products, and people of Homegrown are community driven and a true demonstration of the word homegrown.

So not only are you eating delicious food, but you can feel like you are helping support your community as well. Pretty amazing.

For beverages, they offer brunch cocktails (like Micheladas and Beermosas) along with coffee options. I went with black coffee from Eighth & Roast and Kyle indulged in the Cider Beermosa. If you have ever had a ‘beermosa’, you definitely need to try the cider option at Homegrown. The cider beer rotates to what is on tap for that week and it’s mixed with OJ. Nothing fancy, just refreshing.

After going back and forth between several options, I finally ordered the Traditional (2 eggs, bacon, sweet potato hash and sourdough toast) and Kyle went with the classic biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon.

Our food was delivered promptly and disappeared just as fast. The sweet potato hash was one of the highlights of the meal along with the homemade biscuits and sourdough toast with strawberry jam. The real crown jewel of this meal had to be the bacon. Did I mention it is Broadbent bacon?! Cooked to perfection and mind-blowing from the first bite.

Overall, this place rocked. Chill atmosphere, delicious grub, great drink selections and the prices were really budget-friendly. Plan on spending around $20-30 on brunch for two people (of course that price varies on how many beermosas you indulge in haha).

Grab your friends and head to Homegrown Taproot & Marketplace before the hipsters find out! Believe me, one visit and you’ll be hooked!


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